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You Make Prevention Possible,

And We're Committed To Your Success!

Diverse study group of adults working in library

What You Need to Do

Over the next year, you'll see exciting updates to our curriculum, beginning with the NEW Stewards of Children®, now available. During this time, we'll be providing you with the guidance you need to be ready to offer the most up-to-date trainings from Darkness to Light. But, the first step is to get re-authorized to deliver the NEW Stewards of Children®. Reserve your training date today!

What You Need to Know

Darkness to Light may develop the tools and resources, but we know that YOU, our Authorized Facilitators and Certified Instructors, are what makes prevention possible. With the release of the NEW Stewards of Children®, we understand that you may have many questions and concerns. Get started by taking a glance at the Frequently Asked Questions below.

A senior woman of African decent stands in the middle of a warehouse with a clipboard in hand as she fills out some paper work.

Stay Connected

Join our private Facebook Group specifically for Facilitators and Instructors, where you can connect and network with your peers.

Get Support

Have additional questions or concerns? No problem! Our support team is here to help ensure your success while navigating these exciting changes. 

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