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The NEW Stewards of Children®

5 Reasons Why

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Reason #1

It's More Trauma-Informed

Darkness to Light is committed to delivering top notch prevention training through a trauma-informed lens. Learn more about how we've more deeply invested in being trauma-informed.  

Reason #2

It Includes More 

Diversity of Lived Experience

Child sexual abuse is an issue that affects children of all ages, religions, genders, and race. Therefore it's important that we shed a more diverse light on the lived experiences of individuals everywhere.

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Reason #3

It Introduces the

 Latest Statistics

Every day we deepen our learning about the issue of child sexual abuse, its prevalence, and more. In this new training you will find the most up-to-date information and statistics that help shape the way we engage prevention together. 

Reason #4

It Better Engages the Theory of Social Behavioral Change

 By more closely aligning with Darkness to Light's Theory of Change, this training incorporates learning and practices that best engage social behavior change, a proven method of successful prevention.   

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Reason #5

It Has An Updated Platform

and User Experience

The user experience is an important part of delivering education that is well received and acted upon. Through technology updates and training best practice enhancements, the NEW Stewards of Children® delivers a better experience for all. 

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